Gallery of Sea and Heaven

We would like to share that we have decided not to renew our lease on the South A Street building that houses our Gallery of Sea and Heaven and studio space in Santa Rosa.

We are proud to have been part of the transformation of the "SOFA" arts district on South A Street over the past several years. A couple of key challenges have convinced us that this move will be in the best interest of our ArtWorks program. First, the gallery and studio space lacks heating and air conditioning, and the landlord is unable to make that improvement. We determined that making this significant capital expenditure was not advisable since we do not own the building. Unfortunately, this reality combined with the configuration of the community artist studios means that we are not able to license the space for use by our artists in a day program setting.

The Gallery of Sea and Heaven has been a success for BI, showcasing our artists and our programs to the wider community, but we believe we can do even better in a location that combines our artists' work space with their gallery space and has all of the necessary amenities. All of the capital improvements that were made to the gallery (our retail space, improved storage units, tables, etc.) will be easily removed from the gallery and studio, and brought back to our main campus for current and future use.

After reviewing our own needs and investigating similar programs such as Creative Growth in Oakland, Creativity Explored in San Francisco and Cedars of Marin, we have decided to pursue a gallery dedicated to BI artists with a Pro Arts studio space attached. Our goal is to secure an appropriate commercial space for this program by the end of 2014.

During this transition, we will continue to run the ArtWorks program on our BI campuses. This will include an all-inclusive process to showcase art from all of our BI sites.

This transition will also allow us time to create a business model for external sales of all art products and to build the platform and in-house system for on-line sales of art created by our talented participants.

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Barbara Harris, Art Production Coordinator